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Article Pitch: Seeking Your Feedback

Greetings, The ability to properly negotiate advantageous contracts is one of the most crucial abilities a business owner can have. However, there are entrepreneurs who don't have the confidence to bargain. I am, therefore, hoping to write a guest article for your website about this topic. I'm hoping that you'd be interested in my proposed content and, if so, I can write up an article that's essentially a beginner's guide to understanding, writing, and negotiating business contracts. If you're interested, please let me know. I'd be happy to get started on the piece. Thank you for your consideration, Vanessa Holwell P.S. Don't like the above article suggestion? Please let me send you some alternate topic suggestions or don't hesitate to let me know a topic of your choice. Don't want to hear from me going forward? Please reply and let me know!

Collaboration Opportunity for Enhanced Website SEO

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