Who is Rivera Schatz? - 5:17 AM 7/30/2019

Who is Rivera Schatz?

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Rivera-Shartz-arrested.jpgHuman rights activist Pedro Julio Serrano denounced today that Senator President Thomas Rivera Schatz "took his homophobia out again" after calling "Mr. Matosantos" Ana Matosantos, a member of the Fiscal Control Board in a radio interview.
“Rivera Schatz's shameless homophobia has no place in public service, much less in our life as a people. It is not the first time that the senatorial president has launched homophobic insults. In the past, he called LGBTT families' crooked ', he called a victim of a hate crime' criminal ', he called senators' maripositas, he told me' mentally ill 'and he insulted us with epithets like' ducks' and 'quack, quack'. How long do we have to tolerate these disrespects, these ethical violations and this behavior that incites hatred and violence against LGBTT people? ”, Said Serrano.
The Puerto Rican spokesman for Tod @ s clarified that “I reject the Board as much as homophobia, but one thing does not take away the other. Homophobia has to be rejected as much as the imposition of a meeting. I hope that Governor Ricardo Rosselló, resident commissioner Jenniffer González and President Cameral will denounce the recurring homophobia of Rivera Schatz. Otherwise, they are complicit in their hatred. ”
“It is well known that all these expressions used by Rivera Schatz are derogatory, homophobic and degrading. In public discourse there is no place for such expressions that threaten the dignity of human beings. There is no place to hint at anyone's sexual orientation to try to belittle their dignity. People, and in this case public officials, are not measured by their sexual orientation; They are measured by their integrity, their verticality, their work and their respect for other people. In this case, the senatorial president fails badly in all the previous ones, ”concluded Serrano. 




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